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This collection is the story of a beautiful meeting!

During the first collection of swimsuits, I had the chance to meet a photographer from Tahiti. She came to Guadeloupe for a few days on vacation and a professional windsurfer recommended her to me. I contacted her directly to do a second photo shoot for the "Gwadinina" collection on our beautiful Guadeloupean beaches. I really enjoyed this day of shooting, a day full of laughter and good mood with the girls. Then she told me, "if you want to do a photo shoot in Tahiti, I'm in." The photos of the Guadeloupe collection were so great that I immediately wanted to prepare the second swimwear collection in Tahiti. After the drawings, the design and the handmade production, the swimsuits went directly to join her in Polynesia. The photo shoot took place in Moorea a few weeks later in crystal clear water where the girls wore the new collection's tanga models.

And to honor this collection in Tahiti, 

our favorite bikini model is named Moorea

The collection is called "Vahine" which means "woman" in English. 

Thank you Keana and thank you Antoine! 


"Since an early age, I have spent my entire time wearing swimsuits between Guadeloupe and Sint-Marteen. I started water sports at a very young age, especially surfing. My passion for surfing allowed me to know what I wanted to do with my life.

 Alana Blanchard's life was such an inspiration for me (professional surfer and model), so rather than dreaming it, I decided to create my own. 

Jubai is the fruit of travels, passions, encounters, laughter, colors, good mood and warmth. 

My Caribbean blood is reflected in the collections with low-cut, sexy designs, colorful suits and sporty outfits."

Jubai spice your day!!!

- Julia

Surfeuse dans l'eau
Surfeuse dans l'eau

The "Vahine" Collection was made with a lot of love and attention. 90% of our swimsuits are reversible, but most importantly, the print of this collection is unique. It reflects the beautiful shades of the sunset and the golden hour of our islands. It was entirely thought and designed by Jubai, you will be the only one to wear it.

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