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Who wants some glitter in their life?

Our DESTINY swimsuit is inspired by one of your favorite first collection swimsuits but better! If you're destined to shine, if you want to win the most beautiful trophies of success, if you want to reach your ultimate goal, whether it's in your work, in your sport, or even in your ideal of life, our DESTINY One Piece is made for you!

Its glittery straps will give you the look of a star and even more with jean shorts and a pair of glasses! Our DESTINY One Piece is a must-have for ambitious and project-oriented girls, a glittering, low cut swimsuit that will make you shine in your field. 

1 suit = 2 ! Our ENERGY wetsuit is made for girl bosses. If you have big goals to accomplish in the next few years. Sportswoman or athlete? Our reversible long sleeve suit is our symbol of energy, strength and "YES I CAN!" 

Its fit is made to take you through extreme moments and sessions. 

Its Wonder Woman power will make you climb mountains, and exceed your limits.

If like us, you like to surpass yourself, this shirt will satisfy you.

Just like a princess! This winter we wanted to break the codes of dull and dark colors so to brighten up all that we concocted a brand new model: The MEMORY. With its princess cut, and its glittery barbie pink side, this two-piece swimsuit will take you back to your most tender childhood. Its V-cut bottom will give you a princess silhouette and its adjustable bra top gives a support and a push up effect (without shell). 

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! Who says Jubai says reversible! Obviously, in each collection you will find at least 50% of our swimsuits are reversible. 

Our MEMORY is and behind its pink barbie side hides a subtle and refined Blue. 

We let you test ... and twist

Each swimsuit in this collection has been assigned a "super power". This one stands out for its simplicity and purity. Our CLARITY will make you a goddess. It represents the softness, the femininity and the energy of the woman. A classy, simple and pure one-piece swimsuit that makes it a swimsuit for all body types and all ages. Its slightly more covering indentation known as "cheeky" was imagined to correspond to all our goddesses. It is a swimsuit that can be worn in the water as well as outside because despite its simplicity, the originality of its cut will not let you go unnoticed.

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